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Benefits, pensions, retirement, and more.

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The International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Wants You!

Our members are union because they want to be. Find out more about our organization and how you can join.

Fair Wages

The IBEW believes that workers deserve a good-paying job and should make enough money to live comfortably on only 40 hours per week.

Vacation & Holiday

Local 231 contractors fund a vacation and holiday plan for all working electricians.

Health Insurance

All working Local 231 electricians receive a family health insurance plan at no cost to them.


Our pension plans are guaranteed – and you don’t have to take any money out of your pocket to fund them.

Life & Disability Insurance

Local 231 members are provided life insurance and disability insurance (at no cost to them) in case they die, or if they are injured in an accident and can’t work.

Job Portability

Whenever an IBEW electrician leaves one contractor and goes to work for a different one, all of his wages and benefits transfer from his last employer.